The commencement of negotiations for joining CERN

The Council of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has passed the decision that Serbia can commence negotiations for joining this Organization, the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration and Minister of Science and Technological Development Božidar Đelić said after the meeting with the researchers who collaborate with representatives of CERN. Đelić added that the Director of the leading scientific institution announced that it had been decided that Serbia, together with Slovenia, Turkey and Israel, would enter the said negotiations.
Therefore, our scientists received a clear massage that future is possible even in Serbia in collaboration with the world, Đelić said, adding that joining CERN bears an immense significance for science in Serbia insofar as the major experiment in the history of civilization – the Large Hadron Collider - just as the most advanced scientific researches are being carried on there.

The negotiations will be finalized within one year, after which Serbia will be awarded the status of an associate member of CERN, which will last between two and five years, the Minister explained the procedure.

Among the participants who actively take part in the development and, since recently, in exploitation of this complex machine there are also around 40 researchers from Serbian institutions: Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinča”, Faculty of Physics of the Belgrade University, Institute of Physics in Zemun and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Belgrade.