Endowment of Branko Ćopić

In its meeting held on April 24, 2012, the Management Board of the Endowment of Branko Ćopić – consisting of Academician Svetozаr Koljević (Chairman), Academician Milosаv Tešić (Vice-Chairman), Academician Mаtijа Bećković, Academician Dušаn Kovаčević and corresponding member Nаdа Milošević Đorđević, members of the Management Board – discussed several significant literary achievements published in the past period (in 2011).
The Jury decided unanimously to award the prize for prose to Marko Krstić, whose novel Viktorija, published by Mono i Manjana, Belgrade, depicts the picturesque and exciting image of roads and sideways of the modern life and especially financial and judicial machinations that touch deeply the most intimate personal relations. The Jury, also unanimously, decided to award the prize for the best poetic achievement to Zoran Kostić for his poetry collection “Srp” (selected verses), published by “Orpheus” from Novi Sad. Kostić sings the old and new poetic themes from another point of view, thus inheriting, in all his own way, the Serbian poetry tradition.
The prizes will be officially awarded at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the date of award will be notified subsequently.