The electoral assembly for the election of full, corresponding and foreign members was held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

On this occasion, the Assembly, consisting of all SASA members, elected 22 full members, 13 corresponding and 7 foreign members by a majority vote in secret ballot.

The following have been appointed:
Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geo Sciences
Milan Damnjanović and Gradimir Milovanović full members
Branislav Jelenković, Vladica Cvetković and Miodrag Mateljević corresponding members
Laszlo Forro foreign member

Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences
Vladimir Stevanović and Bogdan Šolaja full members
Radmila Petanović and Radomir Saičić corresponding members
Gordana Vunjak Novaković foreign member

Department of Technical Sciences
Zoran Đurić, Ninoslav Stojadinović and Zoran Popović full members
Velimir Radmilović corresponding member
Valery Vasilievich Kozlov foreign member

Department of Medical Sciences
Nebojša Lalić, Vojislav Leković, Predrag Peško and Vladisav Stefanović full members
Petar Seferović, Zoran Krivokapić and Milorad Mitković corresponding members
Mikhail Veniaminovich Ugrumov foreign member

Department of Languages and Literature
Nada Milošević Đorđević, Predrag Piper, Aleksandar Loma and Radovanović Milorad full members
Goran Petrović and Janoš Banjai corresponding members
Peter Handke foreign member

Department of Social Sciences
Danilo Basta full member

Department of Historical Sciences
Dragoljub Živojinović and Mirjana Živojinović full members
Ljubodrag Dimić corresponding member
Anatoly Arkadyevich Turilov foreign member

Department of Fine Arts and Music
Isidora Žebeljan, Branislav Mitrović, Todor Stevanović and Ivan Jevtić full members
Petar Omčikus corresponding member
Ivan Straus foreign member

SASA sends its hearty congratulations to the newly admitted members and wish that they, through their work, contribute to the progress of science and art in Serbia, and it wishes the nominees that have not been admitted successful work and new results until the next elections.