Should the SAF Headquarters Building be demolished or reconstructed?

In its 2nd gathering held on February 28, 2013, the SASA Department of Fine Arts and Music was informed of the initiative of nine institutions (professional and other associations, faculties, etc.), in which a letter concerning a publicly announced intention to demolish the SAF Headquarters building complex, damaged during NATO bombing, in order to construct new commercially-attractive facilities at this location was addressed to the state leadership – President of the Republic of Serbia, the Prime Minister of the Republic and Minister of Defense.
This Department considers the positions presented in the Letter given by the Nine institutions justified. According to them the reconstruction of the complex should be approached with care, taking into account not only the economic and technical but also cultural and historical aspects of this problem. To this end, SASA Department of Fine Arts and Music is willing to provide the adequate assistance in finding the right solutions.
Department of Fine Arts and Music