The Election Assembly of SASA Branch in Novi Sad

The Election Assembly of SASA Branch in Novi Sad was held on March 24, 2015 at 11 a.m. The Branch President, Academician Zoran Kovačević opened the meeting and presented the results of the secret poll on the potential nominees what was followed by secret ballot.
The results thereof are as follows:

Academician Stevan Pilipović, SASA Branch President
Academician Milorad Radovanović, SASA Branch Vice President,
Academician Teodor Atanacković, SASA Branch Secretary,
Members of SASA Executive Board in Novi Sad are Jasmina Grković-Mejdžor, SASA Corresponding Member, and Miro Vuksanović, SASA Corresponding Member

The new Branch President shall be validly elected upon the verification of ballot results at the SASA Election Assembly in Belgrade on April 7, 2015 when SASA officers will be elected in Belgrade.

Thereafter, Academician Stevan Pilipović, who is to become the future president, briefly presented the future operation plan of the new Branch management.
The highlights are given below
In the past period SASA Branch in Novi Sad has lost more members than it admitted new ones, thus the most important direct task of the Branch members, in the course of the Academy election process that is at advanced stage, will be promotion of the candidates we select and support at the April meeting in Belgrade
With the new management and its additional energy the desire arose to enhance the Branch operation through the activities the Branch has gained its reputation, to improve and refresh our operation by strengthening the links with the university and adjusting our joint operation with the Matica Srpska, and through more active cooperation with all public institutions in the town, Province and Republic being in charge of science, art and education issues.
The Branch Management will continue to and further develop various quality activities in science and art to promote such activities in the media to the highest possible extent. Our aim is to provide a significant contribution to the affirmation of highest culture standards in the aspects we believe to be significantly affected by the poor economic circumstances, and also to enhance the impact of all the aspects of quasi science and art, quasi culture and quasi politics. The improvement of multi-ethnic society and all types of social tolerance are the achievements of democratic society to which we wish to give a specific dimension and contribution both through events within the Branch and also through the media, with no interference of daily politics.
Intensifying the co-operation with SASA members in Belgrade, the Branch will have more opportunity to increase the number of organized science forums, round tables and other science and art events and invite as guests our most eminent members and foreign SASA members as well as the most eminent artists and scientists in Vojvodina. We will pay special attention to connecting with the scientists and artists living abroad who were born in our country by creating adequate electronic records and through communication. Their participation in Branch gatherings and forums will certainly enrich the Branch activities. The celebration of significant jubilees of our scientists and artists, former and present Branch members, should also be an important Branch activity.