The election of members of the Executive Board took place at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. 122 Academy members attended the Assembly session in which the President, two Vice Presidents and Secretary General were elected.

In the preliminary proceedings, the following candidates qualified:
For the President: Academicians Ljubisav Rakić, Jovan Hadži Đokić and Vladimir Kostić;
For the Vice President: Academician Zoran Popović and Ninoslav Stojadinović from the Department of Natural Sciences
For the Vice President Academician Ljubomir Maksimović from the Department of Social Sciences
For the Secretary General: Academician.

After counting the votes, the Electoral Committee established that the following persons have been elected:
- Academician Vladimir Kostić has been elected the President with 63 votes
- Academician Zoran Popović has been elected the Vice President with 64 votes
- Academician Ljubomir Maksimović with 106 votes and
- Academician Marko Anđelković with 109 votes.

As of today the terms of the previous Executive Board members: Nikola Hajdin, President, Ljubisav Rakić and Nikola Tasić, Vice Presidents, and Dimitrije Stefanović, Secretary General, cease.

In today's meeting the election of officers of SASA Branch in Novi Sad was confirmed:
Academician Stevan Pilipović, SASA Branch President
Academician Milorad Radovanović, SASA Branch Vice President,
Academician Teodor Atanacković, SASA Branch Secretary,
Members of SASA Executive Board in Novi Sad are Jasmina Grković-Mejdžor, SASA Corresponding Member, and Miro Vuksanović, SASA Corresponding Member.
In addition to the newly elected Executive Board members and the President of SASA Branch in Novi Sad, new members of SASA Presidency were also appointed in the Assembly session, and now the Assembly shall also include: Academicians Predrag Piper, Dragoš Cvetković, Miroslav Gašić, Veselinka Šušić, Danilo Basta, Milan Lojanica, Zoran Petrović and Academicion Dragoljub Živojinović, Department Secretaries