The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia, presented the information received from the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Beijing, H.E. Mr. Milan Bačević, regarding his meeting with the representatives of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences held at the Serbian Embassy on February 27, 2015.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences plays a significant advisory role in creating the national foreign policy strategy adopted by the State Council (Government) of the PR China, and its President has the rank of a Minister. To promote the coordination with partner institutions in this part of the world, the CASS intends to send its six-member delegation, lead by the President Wang Weiguang, to visit several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Serbia, in the near future. The Chinese intend to establish a think tank network in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe which will formulate the directions and projects for further development of the overall cooperation of China and Central and Eastern European countries. The Institute of European Studies, CASS, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PR China, have already been engaged in this undertaking.
The Chinese would visit Serbia from April 26th to 28th, and they would bear their travel and accommodation costs. The Delegation will include:

- Prof. Wang Weiguang, President, CASS
- Wang Lei, PhD, Director General, International Cooperation Bureau, CASS
- Prof. Huang Ping, Director General, Institute of European Studies, CASS
- Prof. Sun Xhuangxhi, Deputy Director General, Institute of Sociology, CASS
- Zhao Peiyi, PhD, Director, Research Department, General Affairs Office, CASS
- Ms. Shi Syuehua, Deputy Director, European Department, International Cooperation Bureau, CASS

In addition to their visit to SASA, the Chinese Delegation is expected to participate at the Seminar on China – Central and Eastern European Relations in the context of global changes that will be organized by the Institute for international politics and economy on April 27, 2015.