Assuming the scientifically based approach, which is inherent to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art (SASA), the SASA Executive Council, keeping up with the course of political events surrounding the resolution on Srebrenica in UN, holds the position that determining and facing the truth by our citizens and the state, that we will reach by ourselves, is most needed.
Particularly if one bears in mind our historical experience in the 20th century, when we were on the verge of biological survival. Our position is particularly intensified by the proposer's demand to unconditionally interiorize and include their conclusions in the educational process.

The Executive Council will motion to the SASA Presidency to form a specific committee that would deal with the study of reasons and circumstances that have brought about the conflict, as well as the events and the course of former war clashes in our territories. Its work would be based on modern historiography methodology and existing documents, and would be accessible and open to any form of professional-scientific criticism or suggestions, regardless of the side from which they come.

Needless to say how much we are abhorred by the crimes perpetrated solely on the basis of ethnic determinant of the victims. We consider that the difficult path of throwing light on the facts and getting close to the truth is the least common denominator of our debt to the innocent victims.

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art