The Henry Moore Institute shall host the exhibition of Olga Jevric: PROPOSALS FOR MONUMENTS, which at the same time represents the first solo exhibition of Olga Jevric's works in the UK. The UK audience shall have the opportunity to admire the works from the Collection of Olga Jevric's Small Sculptures that are kept in the Olga Jevric's Legacy in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
This study exhibition includes a series of PROPOSALS FOR MONUMENTS that Olga Jevric made while participating in national competitions for public monuments, which represented the main events as regards sculpting art in the post-war period.
The artist found inspiration for these works in her earliest experiments with abstract art relying on the model of Stecak, which represents a kind of a medieval tombstone in the Balkans. Their monumental form, expressive force and the fact that they lie scattered in open air imbued her imagination as a sculptor.
Ten sculptures from the SASA and one from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade shall be displayed, in addition to three exhibition catalogues.
The exhibition opens on February 3, 2016 and lasts until April 17, 2016.
For more information please visit https://www.henry-moore.org/hmi