The Visit of Prof Anton Zeilinger, the President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

On March 14, 2016, Prof Anton Zeilinger, the President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a foreign member of the SASA visited the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The distinguished guest was received by the SASA President, academician Vladimir S. Kostic, and the members of the SASA Executive Council: academician Ljubomir Maksimovic, Vice-President, academician Marko Andjelkovic, General Secretary and academician Stevan Pilipovic, the President of SASA Branch. The meeting was also attended by: academician Zoran Knezevic, academician Zoran Petrovic, academician Dragan Micic, corresponding member Slobodan Grubacic, academician Caslav Ocic, academician Mihailo Vojvodic, academician Dusan Otasevic and corresponding member Branislav Jelenkovic.
It was agreed at the meeting that areas of future more intensive cooperation should be defined and the SASA President stressed the fact that two Academies had been interrelated throughout history and that we had more grounds for cooperation than for confrontation.
The Austrian Academy of Sciences showed great interest in development of cooperation. In that respect, Prof Anton Zeilinger recommended that personal contacts between scientists should be intensified that would result in making specific proposals. The Austrian Academy of Sciences does not require membership in the AAS as a pre-condition for participating in scientific cooperation, and it is particularly interested in the exchange of young researchers.
Prof Anton Zeilinger stated that in 2020 the AAS would organize a conference at which the representatives of all the countries that participated in the World War I would be invited and at which everybody would be given an opportunity to express his/her view of those events.