The First SASA Branch Management in Nis Elected

The SASA Branch management in Nis was elected today and it officially started its operation. Academician Ninoslav Stojadinovic was elected President, Prof.Dr. Milorad Mitkovic, the SASA corresponding member, was elected Vice-President and Prof.Dr. Vladimir Rakocevic, also the SASA corresponding member was elected the Branch Secretary. The first SASA Branch management in Nis was elected for a four-year term. The former SASA President, academician Nikola Hajdin, was elected an honorary President of the Branch.

At the second candidates meeting of the Members' Assembly of the SASA Branch in Nis held at the Center for Scientific Research of the University of Nis presided by academician Vladimir Kostic, the SASA President, the list of candidates for the Branch Executive Council was also determined. Upon the election of the first Branch management which was constituted on September 16, 2016, the SASA President, academician Vladimir Kostic, said that the election of the new management was: “The first step upon the completion of a long-lasting dream that today becomes reality“.
The first activity of the Branch was to organize a lecture to the topic: “Parkinson's Disease: When, Where, How?“, which was given today at the University of Nis by academician Vladimir Kostic.