Scholarships from the Rajko and May Djermanović Fund for Specialist and Research Training in Sweden

The "Rajko and May Djermanović" Fund was established by Rajko Djermanović in Stockholm, Sweden in 1977. The Fund disposes presently with over two million Swedish krona intended for providing scholarships to students of Serbian origin. At founder's discretion the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art was designated as the institution that will collect contributions and make the final choice whereas the final decision on the scholarship award is made by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. In 2007 the scholarships from this Fund were awarded for the first time.
Only students with a confirmed specialist/research training in Sweden may compete for the Fund scholarships.

After receiving the necessary information in early 2007 the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art established a Committee for preparing the proposal to the SASA Executive Board of the candidates for the Rajko and May Djermanović Fund scholarships and took part in the activity of the Rajko and May Djermanović Fund.

The SASA Committee selected four candidates this year and sent the proposal to the Swedish Royal Academy.
A confirmation arrived at the Serbian Academy today by the Swedish Royal Academy that the SASA proposal had been approved and that the scholarships amounting to about € 10,000 were awarded to:
– Jovanović Jelena, molecular biologist for research training at the Karolin Institute in Stockholm and
– Polović Natalija, chemist, for research training at the Karolin Institute in Stockholm,
and the scholarship amounting to some € 8,000 to:
– Marković Dimitrije, Master of Science in Organic Agriculture for research training at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Upsala and
– Ribić Tatjana, jurist, for research training at the University in Stockholm, Department of Legal Sciences.

SASA wishes to express on this occasion its gratitude to the Rajko and May Djermanović Fund and great satisfaction because it was made possible on the basis of cooperation with the Swedish Academy and SASA's efforts to have our young and prospective scientist train abroad and use the acquired knowledge for the development of sciences in Serbia.


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