KoBSON Financing – Status Overview

Strong efforts that have been made to establish, maintain and finance KoBSON Program in the past 11 years have had significant results. However, in the past months, numerous users contacted us and expressed genuine concern for the future financing of KoBSON, i.e. its future operation.
Therefore, upon the consultations held, representatives of the leading academic libraries in Serbia have decided to inform their users of the problems KoBSON is facing.
Funds have already been reduced significantly:
• This year's procurement budget is 11% lower than it was in 2011
• Out of this reduced budget for the year 2012, only 72.9% has been paid until the present day;
• It is unknown what funds have been allocated for KoBSON's financing in 2013
Due to all the above we are forced to stop subscriptions for certain resources and our access to one of them has already been cancel. We believe that a unified subscription is undoubtedly the most economic procurement method if we take into consideration the entire Serbian research community, because:
• the procurement of printed versions or individual licenses for access to electronic versions of magazines is much more expensive, and
• the procurement of individual articles, whether by purchase from a publisher (around EUR 30 per article) or through an interlibrary loan (the most affordable price is around EUR 5 per article), is irrational – much more expensive, and it is intended only for one user. For comparison purposes only, according to the information monitored on a monthly basis, a price of an article downloaded via KoBSON was EUR 0.72 in 2011.

During this year, 2012, more than 1,900,000 have been downloaded so far. Access to the index basis (Web of Science, SciFinder and Scopus) has also been continuously increasing. The number of accesses to KoBSON web pages has stabilized at 6,000 a day. All this indicates that the subscribed resources have been used intensively. A share of use of certain resources is almost identical to the price share in the entire procurement budget.
Number of downloaded articles
Per service
Share of service price in
the KoBSON budget
Science Direct

We are of the opinion that reduction of financial investments in KoBSON and absence of subscription to certain resources will unavoidably lead to dissatisfaction in academic community and reduced access to modern resources.
We urge the Ministries in charge of financing to make additional efforts and ensure necessary funds to maintain the subscription to the services offered by KoBSON. The relevant Ministry is obliged to ensure to the researchers who are expected to achieve stipulated results the conditions required for the publication of quality research papers, these conditions being access to information resources.
The same way we share our resources with our users, we hereby share our concern and problems we are facing with them.

Representatives of academic libraries of the
Republic of Serbia, Founder of KoBSON


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