Meeting of SASA Executive Council and Secretaries of the Department of Humanities with Mr. Ivan Tasovac, Minister of Culture

On October 29, 2013 Mr. Ivan Tasovac, Minister of Culture and Information, and his associates visited the Academy of Sciences and Art. The meeting was attended by academician Nikolа Hаjdin, SASA President, academician Ljubisаv Rаkić, SASA Vice-President, academician Nikolа Tаsić, SASA Vice-President, academician Dimitrije Stefаnović, SASA Secretary General, academician Predrаg Piper, Department of Languages and Literature Secretary, academician Vojislаv Stаnovčić, Department of Social Sciences Secretary, academician Ljubomir Mаksimović, Department of Historical Sciences Secretary, academician Milаn Lojаnicа, Department of Fine Arts and Music Secretary, Mr. Zorаn Perović, Special Advisor to the Minister, Mr. Igor Jovičić, Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs. Jelenа Mаrinković, Head of Staff. The talks were also attended by Mr. Budimir D. Lončаr, SASA Executive Director and Mrs. Drаgаnа Petrović Rаđenović, SASA Deputy Executive Director and Head of the Sector of International Cooperation, Organization of Gatherings, Lectures and Protocol.
At the beginning of talks, the Executive Council members briefly informed the Minister of the SASA's approach to activities in the filed of culture and art, and brought his attention to the main issue, i.e. absence of a stable funding scheme for the Academy's activities. Three topics represent special priority for the Academy: Archives, Library and Gallery, which are of outstanding significance for the cultural and art and scientific life of Belgrade and Serbia.
Minister I. Tasovac, underlined that he expected the Academy's assistance in the implementation of activities that lay ahead of the Ministry. One of the main tasks would be restoring the dignity and social role of cultural institutions. This would be done by their professionalization and transparency of work. All existing festivals, literary magazines, literary awards, etc. should also be reexamined since they have been draining the funds which could be, otherwise, put to better use. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to set priorities, determine umbrella institutions in particular fields and, to that extent, any assistance of the Academy would be appreciated.
Additionally, a clear line will be drawn between culture and show business and individual and institutional projects. However, drawing a line between culture and art will be slightly difficult to do. This is a sensitive issue and setting priorities in this filed will require special care.
Attention will also be given to marking important anniversaries and organization thereof is planned to come under the competence of institutions, and not the state. Planning the budget for various activities will directly depend on priority setting. The Ministry expects that the Academy will practice its advisory function by giving the proposals and long-term plans for marking important anniversaries.
The Ministry of Culture put strong emphasis on the significance of protection of our overall cultural heritage, both movable and immovable. This issue will also be the concern of the European Council in 2014. The protection will be primarily implemented through digitalization that has already been included in the European framework though DAE (Digital Agenda for Europe) Project. At the meeting of the European Council, Mr. Zorаn Perović will represent the Ministry of Culture in the digitalization task force. In this way Serbia will join the Project.


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