“Balkan Bolero”

Oboe Classics, a record company from London has recently published “Balkan Bolero” CD with chamber music by Isidora Žebeljan. The CD contains 11 chamber pieces by Isidora Žebeljan written for chamber ensembles – from duo to string orchestra – played by eminent Serbian musicians: Aneta Ilić, soprano; Julija Hartig, violin; Borislav Čičovački, oboe; Aleksandar Madžar, Isidora Žebeljan and Miloš Veljković, piano; Miroslav Karlović, percussion; Aleksandar Stefanović, accordion; Boban Stošić, double bass, and other musicians, and also Žebeljan Orchestra conducted by Premil Petrović. The CD contains some of the most significant pieces by Isidora Žebeljan – Dance of Wooden Sticks; Simon and Anne, suite; Sarabanda, Leonce and Lena, suite, etc. This is the second author CD by Isidora Žebeljan that has been published in West Europe in the last two years. In 2011, the German record company, CPO, published the CD “The Horses of Saint Mark“ containing the Composer's orchestral music
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