Election du vice-président de l’Académie issu des départements de mathématique, physique et géosciences, de chimie et biologie, de sciences mécaniques et de sciences médicales

At the SASA Meeting held on February 28, 2008 Ljubisav Rakić was elected the Vice President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art from among the members of the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Geo-Sciences, Chemical and Biological, Technical and Medical Sciences.

The election of the new Vice President ensued after the resolution of the Presidency and the Executive Council and after the former Vice President, academician Stevan Koički passed away in September 2007.

The Academician Rakić had been discharging to date the duty of the President of the SASA Department for International Cooperation.

Vice President Ljubisav Rakić will discharge the new duty until the expiration of the term of office of the Executive Council in 2011.