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Lučna brana Glažnja / N. Hajdin, D. Dimitrijević // Саопштења од VIII конгрес на Југословенскиот комитет за високи брани, Охрид 1970. Охрид : Организациониот одбор на конгресот, 1970. Стр. 21-33.

The Glažnja Arch Dam near Kumanovo in Macedonia


The Glažnja arch dam near Kumanovo (Macedonia)


Nikola Hajdin's interest in arch dam design dates back to the late 1950's, when he dealt with this subject as a consulting engineer for Energoprojekt.

In parallel, he undertook theoretical research concerning the analysis of arch dams, related to his original numerical method, known as the "integral equations method", which was also applied in the calculation of arch dams.

During the 1960's, N. Hajdin started designing the Glažnja arch dam, which was at the time and later the third dam in height in the former Yugoslavia. The dam is 85 meters high and is a relatively slender arch dam. Apart from all the difficulties involved in the designing and construction of such huge facilities, an additional difficulty were the foundations for the left flank, where the configuration of the terrain provided no rock on which the dam could directly rest. This additional problem was ultimately solved by adding an artificial mass of concrete in order to safely transmit the arch forces of the dam to a larger area.

Due to financial constraints, the dam took a long time to build, and together with the water storage provided for irrigating fields around Kumanovo, it started working some time at the beginning of the 1970's.