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Pedestrian bridge across the River Sava in Sremska Mitrovica


Pedestrian bridge across the River Sava in Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) Pedestrian bridge across the Sava River in Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) – cross-section


The main bridge structure is a cable-stayed system with spans of 35+192.5+35=262.5 m. The width of the bridge is only 5.5 m, making this bridge one of the narrowest bridges relative to its span constructed in this system. Indeed, this pedestrian bridge has a record span according to our knowledge, a footway bridge with a span exceeding 192.5 m has not been built anywhere so far.

The main girder is of a composite cross section with a concrete slab and is 1.3 m high. At the central (large) span, three cables going from the pylons at the end of the large span support the main girder at 27.5 m spacings. The back stayes proceeding from the pylons are anchored in both sides of the cross section at the ends of the structure,.

The obelisk-shaped pylons of the bridge are made of reinforced concrete.

From the theoretical standpoint, the main problem of the bridge is the question of its stability relative to wind forces in view of the exceptionally narrow cross section and the fact that the cables in the large span are located only in the central plane.

The bridge was completed in 1993.



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