125 Years of the Birth of Zora Petrović (1894-2019)

A ceremonial gathering dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Zora Petrović (1894-2019) will be held at the SASA Gallery, on Friday, 8 November, at 11 a.m.

Academician Dušan Otašević, director of the SASA Gallery will give a welcome address, followed by Professor Simona Čupić’s lecture titled ‘The World Above Zora Petrović’s Studio’ and Professor Jasmina Čubrilo’s lecture titled ‘At Zora Petrović’s Studio’, while Academician Milica Stevanović will talk about the work of Zora Petrović in light of the issues of the contemporary art scene. Afterwards, RTS film ‘Zora Petrović’ by a screenwriter Vera Ristić will be shown.

Zora Petrović was a corresponding member of SASA, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and one of our most influential representatives of expressionist colourism. She studied painting at the Belgrade Arts and Crafts School, Hungarian Royal Drawing School in Budapest, as well as in Paris under Professor André Lhote.