The first professors of the University of Belgrade, 1905

Sitting left to right: Jovan Žujović, Sima Lozanić, Jovan Cvijić, Mihailo Petrović Alas; sitting left to right: Andra Stevanović, Dragoljub Pavlović, Milić Radovanović and Ljubomir Jovanović (everyone except Prof. M. Radovanović were members of the Serbian Royal Academy).

The Photographic archives

The Library also encompasses the Photographic archives containing around 10,000 photographs, mostly portraits of the Academy members and its precursors. In addition to the portraits, there are group photographs of the Academy members, the building of the Academy, as well as a smaller number of photographs of distinguished figures mainly of Serbian cultural and political history of the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of the collection for the period 1841-1947 represents reprints of old photographs. A collection of around 300 copyright, artistic portraits, done in black-and-white, size 13 x 18 cm was created by organizing photographing of members, for which the Academy hired master photographers Dragoljub Kažić and Dragan S. Tanasijević. A smaller portion of the collection was published in two catalogues ‘SASA Photographic Archives Catalogue 1841-1947’ and ‘SASA Photographic Archives Catalogue 1948-2000’. A part of the collection published in these catalogues is also available in electronic form.