The exhibition as part of the scientific-popular campaign
Brain Awareness Week 20

16 – 22 March, 2020

Organizer: the Student Section of the Serbian Neuroscience Society

As part of the international scientific-popular campaign, Brain Awareness Week 2020, the exhibition ‘Homo Emoticon’ will open at the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology on Monday, 16 March.

Brain Awareness Week 2020 is an international scientific popular event which has been organized in Serbia by the Student Section of the Serbian Neuroscience Society for nine years, with a goal of demonstrating the importance of brain research to the general public. This year’s focus is placed on emotions, their inception and purpose, which will be reviewed from the perspective of different disciplines of neuroscience – evolution, anatomy, physiology, electro engineering, psychology, and pathology as well as from philosophical theory.

The visitors will be able to see microscopic and macroscopic brain products, test their emotional intelligence, learn the difference between electrical and chemical synapses, fear and anxiety, sadness, and depression, find out what the role of neurotransmitters is, where emotions are located in the brain and how they are expressed through art, whether stoicism is useful nowadays, as well as to see the work of children who participated in the art contest ‘On the wings of emotions’.