Touch of Nature – Protected Animal Species of Serbia

13-29 June 2024

Organizers: Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia

Through an interactive approach, the exhibition showcases the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia’s unique role in preserving and researching wild animal species and their habitats, providing support in taking care of wild species and releasing them back to nature. It is in the ambivalent attitude of humans toward nature, in which humans ‘stray’ from nature by expanding the sphere of their influence, that they ever more encroach upon wild species habitats. It is necessary to find opportunities for co-existence on this very cross-border.

Having an administrative role, the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia sets conditions and introduces treatment procedures to preserve natural habitats of wild species and overcome obstacles in communication between humans and nature’s needs to keep the natural balance of an eco-system and limit factors that disturb welfare. Technical associates of the Institute represent a link between science and the practical application of research results by employing concrete tools that constitute legal measures, intending to limit and mitigate the impact of human traces and activities on the natural habitats of wild species. Field activities of the Institute for the purpose of scientific research, monitoring, recording and reporting are conducted primarily as a means to creating Protection studies, which represent the basis of the evaluation of natural advantages of an area and launch of protection procedures. Research results are further implemented and published through scientific papers and educational and publishing activities.

This exposition aims to promote knowledge about wild animal species of our country and their significance for the ecosystem we are also part of. The exhibition organizers point out that overcoming prejudices and fear of untamed wilderness, which may seem distant and threatening to an urban environment member, can boost and invigorate the need for its protection. Wider community awareness on the significance of the preservation of endangered species stimulates understanding of the implementation of their protection measures, and management of habitats and contributes to a greater need for the creation of green corridors which would ensure adequate functioning of an eco-system.