LJUBICA SOKIĆ, Still-life with a Cafeteria and Bottles (detail), 1968, inv. no. 177

Legacies and donations

The majority of works of art entered the Fine Art Collection of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts during the 1980s and 1990s in the form of legacies and donations. In addition to a number of individual gifts of authors and other donators, the Academy’s collection encompasses legacies/gifts of Olga Radović (1373 drawings by Ivan Radović and 32 sketching pad with 1041 sketches – donated in 1975), Nedeljko Gvozdenović (158 works, donated in 1982 and 1983), Ljubica Sokić (20 works donated in 1982), Aleksandar Deroko (122 works, donated in 1984), Vladeta Vojnović (ULUS Chronicles from 1973-1983 consisting of 160 works from the exhibition of drawings of small scale at the Gallery of Grafički Kolektiv in 1985, presented to the SASA in 1988), Luka Mladenović (145 items, 12 of which are works and photographs presented to the SASA in 1987), Ivan Obradović (21 watercolours presented in 1987 and 24 prints which were subsequently presented), Vera Radović (eight works donated in 1988). Some of these legacies were afterwards supplemented (Nedeljko Gvozdenović’s, Ljubica Sokić’s, Ivan Obradović’s, etc).

In the twenty-first century likewise, the Collection was enriched by new donations of the SASA members – the legacy of Olga Jevrić (the author donated 147 sculptures in 2006), gifts by artists-academicians: Tome Serafimovski, Petar Omčikus, Dušan Džamonja, Mladen Srbinović, Nikola Janković, Dušan Otašević, Todor Stevanović, Milica Stevanović, as well as members of their families – Natalija Vladimir, Radomir Reljić’s widow, etc.

These units are integral parts of the Fine Art Collection of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and do not operate separately. The exception is the Legacy of Olga Jevrić, which has been equipped and presented as part of a special exhibition as a project of the SASA Department of Fine Arts and Music but is an inseparable part of the Academy’s collection, which also possesses other works by this artist.