Petition of the Representatives of the People of Old Serbia to Prince Mihailo Obrenović on 6 August 1859
/SASA Archives, Historical Collection, no. 8795/

SASA Archives Collections

The SASA Archives has in its holdings the following exceptionally valuable collections of archival material:
Old Collection, or Collection of Manuscripts and Old Printed Books, from the 13th to the 19th centuries;
Historical Collection, with 15,180 accession numbers and material ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day;
Ethnographic Collection, with 485 wholes of ethnographic material; and
Oriental Collection, with 262 manuscripts and printed books and 92 documents in Turkish, Persian and Arabic from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

The SASA Archives also contains a Cabinet for Medals, founded in 1997, which includes objects and documents, such as medals, plaques, decorations, charters, diplomas, certificates of gratitude, etc. that have been awarded to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, its members and other prominent figures. As of June of 2017, its inventory contained 720 items.