Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences

The Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences covers two fields of science: chemistry and biology.

Scientific work in the field of chemical sciences is carried out in various areas of pure and applied chemistry and physical chemistry, as well as in several interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas, such as theoretical chemistry, mathematical chemistry, chemical graph theory, kinetics and thermodynamics, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry of natural products, medical chemistry of antitumor agents and antimalarics, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, organic syntheses, physical organic chemistry, synthetic methodology development, physical chemistry of materials, chemistry of steroids, alkaloids and sesquiterpene lactones.

Research within biological sciences is carried out in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, physiology of development, ecology, and population and evolutionary biology. Particularly represented is research into human molecular genetics, anthropogenetics, genetic enzyme polymorphism of organisms, population genetics, ecogenetics, conservation genetics, genotoxicology, ecophysiology, environmental protection, comparative morphology, systematics and phylogenesis of selected groups of animals and plants, genetics and improvement of cultivated plants, biotechnologies, phytomedicine, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress, biology of food products, etc. In addition to research within 16 individual projects in the fields of chemistry and biology, particularly complex activities take place within five Academy boards, whose work is coordinated by the Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences. They are the following: SASA Board for the Study of Serbia’s Flora and Vegetation, SASA Board for the Study of Serbia’s Fauna, SASA Board “Man and the Environment”, SASA Board for Rural Issues, and SASA Board for the Study of Life and Work of Scientists in Serbia and Scientist of Serbian Descent.

The Department is also in charge of the National Committee for Bioethics of the Commission of the Republic of Serbia for UNESCO Commission, whose seat is in SASA.


Secretary: Academician VLADIMIR STEVANOVIĆ
Deputy Secretary: Academician BOGDAN ŠOLAJA
Phone: (011) 2639-960,
(011) 2027-199