Tasks And Activities Of Sasa

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) is the highest scientific and artistic institution in the Republic of Serbia, which, within the scope of its tasks, mission and objectives, develops and stimulates science, organizes and promotes fundamental and applied scientific research, and stimulates and promotes artistic activities.

The tasks and activities of SASA are set out in the relevant Law, which states that the Academy shall organize and implement scientific research of importance for the social, economic and cultural development of the country. It shall analyze the conditions in the fields of science and art in the Republic of Serbia, stimulate advancement of sciences, arts and education, as well as application of the achievements of contemporary science and art, and, in accordance with this task, it shall organize science gatherings, consultations and other meetings of local and foreign scientists. The Academy shall engage in establishing programs of scientific work, in the development of cultural and artistic activities and education in the Republic of Serbia, as well as in appraising results of scientific and artistic activities. It shall also harmonize its work program with that of the scientific and cultural institutions with which it cooperates.
SASA is engaged in the production of works of national interest, such as Srpska enciklopedija (Serbian Encyclopedia), Rečnik Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti (Dictionary of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), a national atlas and encyclopedias covering the fields of sciences and arts, as well as critical editions of the most important scholarly and literary works in the Serbian language, valuable works of music and the most important legal monuments. The publishing activities of the Academy are aimed at producing permanent and non-permanent publications in the fields of science, culture and art, sold to or exchanged with the organizations and institutions at home and abroad with which SASA has strong ties, particularly with international associations of national and state academies. In accordance with an agreement between the Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska there is very strong cooperation with the Academy od Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska.

Other activities of SASA and the manner in which they are performed are set out in its Statute.