International Cooperation

The international cooperation of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is carried out through:

  • exchange of researchers based on bilateral agreements on scientific cooperation (inter-academy, inter-institutional, and state-level agreements);
  • multilateral cooperation, which implies activities related to programs financed from the funds of the European Commission or other funds (FP 7, EUREKA, TEMPUS, COST, HORIZON 2020);
  • membership of international nongovernmental scientific associations at various levels, i.e. at the global level, of IAP ‒ InterAcademy Partnership, ISC – International Science Council, UAI – Union Académique Internationale, and UNESCO; at the European level, of the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA), European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), and European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities (EAASH); at the regional level, of Global Round Table, Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network (EMAN), and Danube Academy Conference (DAC); and at the Balkan level, of Inter-Academy Council for South East Europe (IAC SEE);
  • participation in international scientific gatherings abroad, as well as organizing such events in Serbia;
  • hosting lectures by prominent foreign and local scientists.

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts also cooperates with institutions that are not its members, predominantly through joint scientific projects based on agreements on scientific cooperation with other academies.


Address: SASA Section for Organizing Conferences, Lectures and International Cooperation
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