Department of Social Sciences

The Department covers a broad area of phenomena dealt with by several scientific disciplines.

Since the establishment of the Academy, social sciences have played an important role in the research of phenomena of great significance for the development of the people and state. In the case of some of the fields, boards were established as working bodies, headed by the most prominent academy members, such as Stojan Novaković, Jovan Cvijić, Toma Živanović, et al. Some of the boards, e.g. the Ethnographic Board, were founded as early as the 19th century, but had to be closed down several years ago, because there are no scholars among the Department members researching this field. The following fields have been severely neglected: ethnology and anthropology, rural sociology, political sociology, social psychology, philosophy, contemporary political systems and processes, law history, civil law, religion, a number of economic disciplines, anthropogeography, demography, and many other areas and disciplines.

Department projects are carried out within seven boards. The Board for the Sources of Serbian Law runs two long-term projects: Sources of Serbian Law and Two Centuries of Serbia’s Constitutions.

The Board for Philosophy and Social Theory is in charge of the project Philosophy Between East and West, whereas the Board for the Study of Populations, Board for Economic Sciences, Board for the Study of the Serbian Philosophical Legal Legacy, and Board for the Study of Ethnic Minorities and Human Rights mostly concentrate on the study of pertinent materials and topical issues or organize conferences and publish works.

Information on the activities of each member and each board is made public annually in Serbian and English in Godišnjak (Yearbook) and Bilten (Bulletin), issued by the SASA Fund for Research in Sciences.

The Department is also in charge of the Institute for Ethnography and the Jovan Cvijić Institute for Geography.


Secretary: Academician KOSTA ČAVOŠKI
Deputy Secretary: corresponding member PAVLE PETROVIĆ
Phone: (011) 2027-138