12 March – 26 May 2024

Authors: Snežana Mišić, PhD, and Professor Igor Borozan

Following the successfully realized exhibition entitled ’Uroš Predić. A Life Dedicated to Beauty and Art’ at the Gallery of Matica Srpska during the 2022/2023 period, the exhibition titled ‘‘Uroš Predić – the Noble Essence of Everyday Life’ will be displayed in a somewhat modified edition at the SASA Gallery of Science and Arts, as a result of successful, several-decade-long cooperation of the Gallery of Matica Srpska and the SASA Gallery on the promotion and representation of national art and cultural heritage. On this occasion, the two institutions were brought together by artist Uroš Predić, who was inextricably linked to both Matica Srpska and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts during his long and in terms of creative work very prolific life.

Artwork from various collections will be displayed on the premises of the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, providing insight into the life, work and theme concepts of Uroš Predić. In addition to the works from the Matica Srpska Gallery, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the National Museum of Serbia, the National Museum of Zrenjanin,  the National Museum of  Pančevo, Matica Srpska, the Serbian Orthodox Church Museum, the Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church,  the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Braničevo, Kovilj Monastery, the Theatre Museum of Vojvodina, the House of Jevrem Grujić, the Belgrade City Museum, the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and many others, the Exhibition will feature the works from private collections, most of which have not been exhibited before, thus unavailable to a wider audience. Predić’s basic thematic choices will be presented through several sections: anecdote and social genre, religious painting, portraits, national history themes and ties with Matica Srpska and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The most famous paintings are among the displayed ones such as: A Girl at the Fountain, Kosovo Maiden, Sulking Girl, Merry Brothers, An Orphan at Mother’s Grave, and Hercegovinian Refugees will be on display. Thanks to the cooperation with the Computer Graphics Department of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the application of modern technologies, the iconostasis of the Church of Saint Martyr George in Bečej will be available at the exhibition.

An eponymous catalogue by Snežana Mišić, PhD, and Professor Igor Borozan, and an exhibition brochure by Jelena Mežinski Milovanović, a museum advisor accompanies the exhibition.