13 DECEMBER – 31 MARCH 2020

Curator: Corresponding Member Miodrag Marković

SASA and Studenica Monastery are marking 800 years of autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church with a scientific-expert project/exhibition Studenica Monastery – Antiquity, Continuity, Innovativeness. The exhibition will open on 13 December, when a ceremonial session will also be held.

The idea of the exhibition curator, Professor Miodrag Marković, a corresponding member of SASA, is to create an interactive exhibition on Studenica Monastery by intertwining original artefacts and conventional exhibits with new technologies and digital installations while being aware that the presence of the Serbian cultural and spiritual heritage in the digital sphere is an imperative of a responsible cultural policy. The exhibition consists of multiple ensembles such as the History of Studenica, the Architecture of Studenica, Fine Arts of Studenica (Studenica wall paintings and plastics),  Monastery endowers, Restauration and reconstruction of the monastery, Monastery treasury, Studenica’s significance for the culture and identity of the Serbian people,  Ruling ideology and cultural policy of the Nemanjić Dynasty in the example of Studenica, etc. Thanks to the use of new technologies, visitors will be able to see reconstructions of facilities, reenactments of historical events, three-dimensional representations of the most prominent individuals who share the most important information about the monastery in an attractive way, mapped and animated projections which recreate the atmosphere and beauty of this holy place with a vibrant, educational narrative.