Department of Medical Sciences

Scientific activities of the members of the Department of Medical Sciences are carried out in various areas of medical sciences, such as neurological sciences, biochemistry, cardiology, cardiopathology, glomerulopathy, neurophysiology (excitability, convulsions), neurology, histology, urology, endocrinology, immunology, surgery, nephrology, stomatology, vascular surgery and angiology, human reproduction, and psychiatry.

Research is conducted within the SASA Board for Biomedical Research and the SASA Board for Public Health, the Department boards for multidisciplinary research of diabetes, endocrinology and impact of natural factors, tumors of the urogenital tract, cardiovascular pathology, somnology, human reproduction, as well as within 16 individual projects in most medical fields and disciplines.


Secretary: Academician DRAGAN MICIĆ
Deputy Secretary: Academician MIODRAG ČOLIĆ
Phone: (011) 2637-562,
(011) 2027-226