Concerts at the SASA Gallery are held at 6 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the concert season, which lasts from the beginning of October to the end of June. Admission is free.
The idea of organizing concerts under the roof of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, proposed by the members of the Department of Visual Arts and Music, started being implemented on February 22, 1982, when the pianist Zorica Dimitrijević Stošić performed a recital of piano works by Vasilije Mokranjac in the newly reconstructed SASA Gallery. This was followed by composer’s evenings of academicians Stanojlo Rajičić, Petar Konjović and Mihailo Vukdragović. Afterwards, concerts were organized on a regular basis and attracted steady audiences. As the concerts were very well received by performers, a series of recitals of most prominent local soloists and instrumental and vocal ensembles were organized in addition to themed and composer’s evenings. In the first decades there were guest performances by musicians from all parts of the then Yugoslavia and from a large number of European countries.
As of May of 1984, in the third concert season, secondary and university music school students were given the opportunity of presenting themselves to an audience outside their classrooms, and for some of them it was their first appearance on the concert stage. They were auditioned in the presence of the concert director, Academician Stanojlo Rajičić. The Gallery was also a springboard for young musicians whose subsequent success on the domestic and foreign planes shaped a substantial part of Serbian musical life.

From the very beginning, concerts were organized continually during the nine month concert season, at first every Thursday and very soon, due to the great interest they raised in both performers and the public, they started being organized every Monday as well.

The music program of the Gallery was established and run by Academician Stanojlo Rajičić (1910–2000). Amiable and outgoing, but also strict, he selected performers for the concerts at the Gallery without any reservations or prejudices. He paid particular attention to the new and youngest musical talents. He did not stop after discovering them and presenting them at concerts in the Gallery, but he continued helping and supporting them outside its walls.

In 2000, the concert-related activities of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts were continued by composer and academician Dejan Despić. By June 30, 2016, 2,381 concerts had been organized over the course of 24 concert seasons. Since 2017, Academician Ivan Jevtić has been in charge of the concerts.


Director: Academician IVAN JEVTIĆ
Director of Concert Activities: ALEKSANDRA BOBIĆ
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Address: SASA Gallery, Knez Mihailova 35, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia