Information for users

User services during COVID-19 epidemic
To ensure the health of everyone on the premises of the SASA Library, user services are organized under all epidemiological and social distancing guidelines as follows:

  1. Reading room opening hours are 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m., Catalogue room 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
  2. The number of users is limited to 15 in the Reading room and three in the Catalogue room
  3. Users will need to seat at the designated spaces in the Reading room
  4. Designated spaces may be used only once during a day
  5. Maintain a two-metre physical distance from the staff at all times
  6. On arrival at the SASA Palace, please use disinfectant mats, show your membership card to a clerk at the entry and use hand sanitizer.
  7. Books required by users are placed on the designated desk in the waiting room, whence a user takes them without direct contact with the staff.
  8. Books returned by users are placed on the designated desk in the waiting room and must not be borrowed to another user in the following 24 hours nor returned to a bookshelf in the storage room;
  9. Books kept by users in the following days are placed on the designated desk in the waiting room;
  10. We kindly ask users, if possible, to check the publication availability by email or on the phone number 0112027239.

Only adult citizens can become members of the SASA Library.
Taking out membership of the SASA Library is free of charge. The only requirement is a small-size photograph of the applicant and his/her identity card.


All of the printed and digitalized materials of the SASA Library may be used only in the reading room.

A 52-seat reading room, computers for searching catalogues, free access to electronic databases of periodicals and books within KoBSON, free wireless Internet access, and a microfilm reader are all at the disposal of the users.

The Library also has a separate reading room for SASA members.

No publication may be reproduced in its entirety.

Requests for old and rare books and publications in special libraries must be made one day in advance.

Conventional and electronic catalogues are available to users.

Electronic data processing was introduced in 1990. Since 2012, as provided in the Law on library and information activities, the SASA Library is one of the five pillars of the unified library information system of the Republic of Serbia and has been actively participating in the creation of an electronic catalogue of the Virtual Library of Serbia within COBISS in cooperation with 200 libraries.

Conventional catalogues

  1. Catalogue of authors (alphabetical) – for materials received prior to 1990;
  2. Catalogue of old and rare books;
  3. Catalogue of microfilms;
  4. Catalogue of cartographic materials;
  5. Catalogue of special libraries – for libraries donated prior to 1990.

Electronic catalogues

  1. SANUBIB – internal electronic catalogue of all types of material, kept between 1990 and 2012; accessible solely in the SANU Library;
  2. COBISSANU (линк) – electronic catalogue of all types of material, accessible on the Internet; kept since 2012;
  3. KoBSON (линк) – A consortium that provides free access to electronic databases of foreign journals and books thanks to financial support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.


Тел: (00)381112027239 (каталог)
(00)381112027116 (гардероба)