Expositions at the SASA Library

The permanent exhibition at the Library entrance provides a brief overview of some of the oldest and unique volumes from the collection of the SASA Library, as well as of books and objects from some of the legacies kept within the Library..

A novelty introduced following the opening of the renovated SASA Library in March of 2017 are chamber exhibitions marking “round” anniversaries of the birth of the deceased Academy members, from the time of the Serbian Learned Society to the present Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as themed exhibitions accompanying scientific gatherings, panels, lectures, conferences and other events held at SASA.

There is a new exhibition at the SASA Library each month, which can be seen every workday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Regularly displayed in the hall of the Library are latest SASA publications, as well as a selection of the latest and most important titles that the Library has obtained through exchange with kindred institutions and organizations abroad.