Jovan Cvijić Geographical Institute

The Geographical Institute was founded on May 31, 1947 as part of the Serbian Academy of Science (subsequently Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts). One of its initiators and first director was Academician Petar S. Jovanović. The Institute is a scientific establishment, whose basic activities are organization of and systematic work on promoting research in the field of geography.

The Institute comprises five departments:

  1. Physical Geography Department (all physical geography disciplines are included);
  2. Social Geography Department (research on settlements, demographic and anthropogeographic research);
  3. Regional Geography Department (regional and economic research);
  4. Spatial Planning Department (local research, making of spatial plans and designing of development strategies, as well as environmental issues);
  5. Cartography Department (compilation of databases, data processing and making of thematic maps).

Currently, the Institute has 36 associates (among whom 22 hold PhD degrees, six hold MSc degrees, one is a Master in Geography and one is a Bachelor with Honors in Geography) and three doctoral students receiving stipends, who carry out projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and other institutions. Three associates hold the positions of principal research fellows, two are senior research associates, 11 are research associates and 19 are research assistants.

The task of the Institute, as a research organization, is to coordinate basic, applied and developmental multidisciplinary research in geographical, natural and social sciences with the aim of a greater application of the findings of geographical research in Serbia and abroad. The predominant task of the Institute is to study landscape features, objects, shapes, relations, conditions and processes in geographical environments, with research encompassing landscapes of Serbia as well as those in the Balkan Peninsula, Europe and the rest of the world.

The Geographical Institute is also engaged in publishing activities. It publishes papers written by its associates and their colleagues from Serbia and abroad in its Zbornik radova (Collection of Papers) and Posebna izdanja (Special Editions). Thus far, 66 collections of papers and 89 monographs have been published. The Institute also organizes various scientific conferences on geographical issues of topical interest and cooperates with peer institutions in Serbia and abroad, particularly with institutes of the academies in the neighboring countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, etc.) A contribution of the Institute is also evident in its efforts to popularize science and proliferate scientific knowledge and skills in the public and private sectors and among the general public.


Address: Đure Jakšića 9, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Telephone: +381 11 2636-395, 2636-594, 2636-276, 2638-790
Fax: +381 11 2637-597