Vladimir Veličković – Masterclass, October 25, 2017

Encounters with creators – Masterclass

Since 2015, a lecture series titled ‘Encounters with creators – Masterclass’ has been organized at the Gallery of Science and Technology. The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts initiated this lecture series intending to affirm and present the reach of currently active artists and scholars. With the lecture series ‘Encounters with creators – Masterclass’, SASA wants to send a clear message, particularly to the younger generation, that despite all the problems, it is possible to make creative progress in Serbia, one that transcends the local borders. The second reason is to help younger generations to choose the path of a scientific career, and to show them, through direct communication with distinguished scholars, the importance of making timely decisions for a successful life. The lectures ‘Encounters with creators – Masterclass’ are held every two months in the premises of the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology. The lecturers are members of SASA, proposed by the relevant departments of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In addition to the SASA members, lecturers can be prominent guests of the SASA from other countries.