SASA Institutes

The Law on the Serbian Academy of Sciences, passed in June of 1947, envisioned the establishment of scientific institutes. Thus, by mid 1948, there were 25 institutes with a total of around 700 researchers, associates and grant holders. All this provided a substantial impetus for the Academy’s research and scholarly activities. In the ensuing decades, some of the institutes became independent, but the Academy retained the status of the founder of the other ones.

Currently there are eight of them: Jovan Cvijić Geographical Institute; Mathematical Institute; Institute of Musicology; Institute for Byzantine Studies; Institute of Ethnography; Institute for Balkan Studies; Institute for the Serbian Language; and Institute of Technical Sciences. They are some of the most prominent scientific centers in Serbia and are also engaged in extensive publishing activities and cooperation with national and international scientific institutions, and play an active role in Serbian cultural and educational life.