Department of Technical Sciences

Scientific activities of the Department of Technical Sciences are carried out in various areas of experimental and applied technology, such as bridge building (theoretical and experimental research of bridge structures and their influence on contemporary design and construction), new materials (synthesis, characteristics and optical properties of modern materials and thin layers, semiconductive materials and semiconductor devices and structures, superconductors, nanomaterials), electromagnetics (numerical methods and analyses of complex electromagnetic systems), structures (new mathematical methods in the theory of structures, theory of elasticity, viscoelasticity of fractional type and theory of plasticity), theoretical and applied mechanics of fluids (non-linear phenomena, biomechanics of fluids, flows of diluted gases), robotics (intelligent robot control systems), applied physics (unbalanced plasmas, charge transport in gas, plasma), micro- and nanoelectric mechanical technologies, sensors and transmitters, application of automation in medicine, traffic systems, computer modeling, energy efficiency.


Secretary: Academician SLOBODAN VUKOSAVIĆ
Deputy Secretary: Corresponding member VLADA VELJKOVIĆ
Phone: (011) 2027-226