30 October – 27 November

Curator: Boris Milosavljević, PhD

On the occasion of 150 years of the birth of Slobodan Jovanović, a prominent jurist, historian, writer and politician, academician and president of the Serbian Royal Academy, professor of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, rector of the University of Belgrade and President of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in London, and as part of the programme of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts marking this anniversary, an exhibition titled Slobodan Jovanović (1869-1958) will be on display at the SASA Gallery, from 30 October to 27 November 2019. In addition to this, SASA plans a scientific gathering and publication of a monograph on Slobodan Jovanović.

The curator of the exhibition is Boris Milosavljević, PhD, a senior research fellow of the SASA Institute for Balkan Studies. All relevant aspects of life and work, cultural, socio-historical circumstances and the circumstances in which Jovanovic’s work was created and developed will be presented. His contribution to culturohistorical and legal-political science will be highlighted and new findings and curator’s interpretations of the background, formation, development and scope of S. Jovanović’s intellectual and social legacy will be presented, while already existant knowledge will be supplemented by newly discovered data, artefacts and archival material.