Organizers: The Olympic Committee of Serbia – the Olympic Museum
Authors: Nataša Janković, MA, Marija Pavlović, PhD

The exhibition ’The Path of True Values’ will be organized on the occasion of the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, and marking 110 years from the foundation of the Serbian Olympic Club.

This significant anniversary is an opportunity to showcase both the history of the Olympic movement in Serbia and the genesis of the present-day Olympism as a unique phenomenon of the modern age. The concept of the exhibition is based upon a multidisciplinary approach and employment of contemporary technological solutions to interpret the sport-historical cultural heritage in Serbia.

The exhibition layout consists of three parts. The first part comprises the history of modern Olympic Games and the overview of our contestants’ participation in the period 1912-2016 including the data on the Games, fun facts, social circumstances and members of our delegations. The second part features the architecture of sports facilities in Belgrade which started developing in the mid-19th century and went through major development, changing its shape and purpose according to the current transitions. The third part is dedicated to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021 which represents sports and athletes competing for Serbia.

The idea of the exhibition is to introduce the significance and social value of sport and the Olympic Movement to visitors through memories and idea of historical continuity throughout the past, present and future.