22nd Congress of the International Association of Rural Medicine

The 22nd Congress of the International Association of Rural Medicine, organized by the Academy Board for Rural Issues of SASA and the International Association of Rural Medicine, will be held in the period 14 – 16 September at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The opening ceremony takes place at the SASA Grand Hall, on Thursday, 14 September, at 5 p.m.

In the course of three days, the Congress will see the participation of experts dealing with the health of the rural population. Since it is a vast field, in addition to physicians, there will also be pharmacists, dental practitioners, sociologists, toxicologists and other experts taking part, and the Congress will have a markedly multidisciplinary character.

During the Congress, it is planned for 20 keynote lectures to be delivered by participants from Serbia, India, Italy, Japan, China, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland and Sweden. The following topics will be discussed at the Congress: experiences and best practices for increasing the health coverage of rural populations and agricultural workers; displaced people as a growing problem of the third millennium, particular issues of women in rural regions; new occupational conditions and professional hazards in the agriculture sector; the impact of the Corona pandemic on rural regions.

A live stream of the conference is available at  https://www.sanu.ac.rs/en/live-streaming/