Academician Dinko Davidov passes away

Academician Dinko Davidov aged 89, our renowned art historian, passed away on Saturday, 18 May, in Belgrade.

He was born on 4 October 1930, in Sivac (Bačka). He received his BA from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of History of Art, while he obtained PhD from the Faculty of Philosophy in Ljubljana.

He was a curator of the Matica Srpska Gallery in the period 1965-1978, principle research fellow at the SASA Institute for Balkan Studies from 1979, director of the SASA Gallery from 2001 to 2009. During this period, 40 exhibitions with catalogues, 24 of which were edited by him, were organized at the SASA Gallery. He was the author of the exhibition and special edition of the catalogue “The Athonian Prints” (Belgrade 2004). The basic field of work of Academician D. Davidov was Serbian art of the 17th to 19th century.

He was elected SASA Corresponding member in 2000, and SASA Full member in 2006.

He is the author of the following books:  “Sentandreja srpske povesnice” [Szentendre of the Serbian History] (2011), “Pomeni davnih seoba – znamenja srpske povesnice”  [Remembrance of Bygone Migrations – Milestones of the Serbian History] (2017), Genocidium Totale (2019). He was the author of numerous significant editions, including “Srpska grafika XVIII veka – nova saznanja“ [Serbian Prints of XVIII century – New Findings] (1986), “Manastir Šišatovac“ [Šišatovac Monastery] (1989) and “Postvizantijska umetnost na Balkanu”  [Post-Byzantine Art in the Balkans] (2003).

He received “Vuk’s Prize for Science” in 2001, for his book “Sentandrejska saborna crkva“  [The Church of Assumption in Szentendre] in 2001.