Accession Speeches of Newly Elected Full Members of SASA

The newly elected full members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts will give their accession speeches from 13 – 15 May, at the SASA Grand Hall, at 11 a.m. This is a solemn moment when SASA members present their highest scientific and artistic achievements, as well as reflections on topics to which they dedicated their careers.

Academicians Zoran Radović (On Superconductivity and Magnetism), Milan Sudar (Condonts, Fossils Important for Understanding and Interpretation of Geological Past) Miodrag Mateljević (Limitation of Partial Derivative of Elliptic Equation Second Order Solutions Depending on Boundary Conditions and Applications), Slobodan Milosavljević (Phytochemical Journey), Radmila Petanović (Integrative Taxonomy – a New Approach or a New Phrase? Scope of Taxonomy of Eriophyoidea (Arthropoda, Acari, Acariformes)) and Radomir Saičić (Total Synthesis of Natural Products and Synthetic Methodology Development: several examples from our laboratory) will deliver their speeches at the solemn gathering, on the first day, Monday, 13 May.

Academicians Miloš Kojić (Computer Models in Technology and Medicine), Zoran Krivokapić (Is Luck Crucial for Success?), Milorad Mitković (Dynamic Fixation in Orthopedic Surgery – from Idea to Rehabilitation), Petar Seferović (Mass, Lethal and Curable: a Contemporary Treatment of Heart Failure) and Milica Stevanović (On the Insider Perspective – a Tribute to Figurative Art) will present themselves on Tuesday, 14 May.

Academicians Goran Petrović (Paper), Zlata Bojović (Identity of the Dubrovnik Literature), Milovan Danojlić (In Favour of Tolerance), Aleksandar Kostić (Cognitive Language Processing and Probability) and Ljubodrag Dimić (Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union in the 1960s) will give their speeches on Wednesday, 15 May.

As the President of SASA Vladimir S. Kostić has stated, academicians’ speeches represent “precious evidence of accomplishments of individuals, but also of entire professions”.

It is interesting to note that in the Serbian Royal Academy (SRA), a particular day for accession speech was set for each member. SRA members living abroad used to send statements of consent. On this occasion, Nikola Tesla recorded: “Your yesterday’s telegram informed me that you had elected me into the society of the everlasting as a full member. This is a rare and great honour,  I deeply share and appreciate completely, accepting it with pride and gratitude in hope that over time it will be considered as properly deserved“.