26 DECEMBER 2023 – 14 FEBRUARY 2024

Authors: Slobodan Maldini and Sofia Lancoš Maldini
Organization: Association of Serbian Architects and the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology

We live in an era when computer programs for creating virtual representations of architecture and computer-aided design upstage authors’ hand-made architectural drawings. Modern architectural projects are made in digital form, usually the result of specialized computer experts’ work and not the work of architect-designers, therefore, there is no sign of the original hand and concept of an architect. It is necessary to recall this fading part of architecture. The idea of the exhibition ‘Architect as Drawer and Painter’ is to acknowledge drawings and paintings as the basic and the most important artistic expression of an architect, not only related to the past but to the future as well.

The exhibition ‘Architect as Drawing Artist and Painter ’is the result of a several-decade-long project of Slobodan Maldini and Sofie Lancoš Maldini during which they collected drawings, sketches, croquis drawings, letters and photographs which were created by renowned Serbian and world architects and fine artists. Slobodan Maldini received the first sketches in 1977 as a present during his study visit in Italy, and he enlarged the collection with croquis drawings of participants at the Paris Bienalle in 1985 in which he also took part, as well as drawings of great figures of the Serbian architecture with whom he exhibited together in the regions of the former Yugoslavia. He would add to his collection on his short, sometimes accidental meetings with famous creators, who would then dedicate a sketch to him. Nowadays, there are drawings and documents of numerous distinguished architects.

The exhibition features the works from the personal collection of Slobodan Maldini, collections of the Museum of Science and Technology, the Museum of the City of Belgrade, the Foundation of Milan Zloković, private collections of Miloš Vujasinović Minko Radosavljević, Đura Popović, etc.

The visitors will get the opportunity to see the works of Andra Stevanović, Konstantin Jovanović, Petar Bajalović, Nikola Nestorović, Le Corbusier Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, Dragutin Inkiostri Medenjak, Aleksandar Deroko, Nikola Nestorović, Miloš Babić, Miladin Prljević, Milan Zloković, Ivo Kurtović, Branislav Kojić, Dragiša Brašovan, Branko Tanazević, Momcilo Belobrk, Branko Krstić, Momir Korunović, Grigorije Samojlov, Nikola Dobrović, Bogdan Bogdanović, Svetomir Lazić, Ratomir Bogojević, Stanko Mandić, Mihajlo Mitrović, Branislav Milenković, Branislav Jovin, Predrag Peđa Ristić, Božidar Bata Janković, Aleksandar Stjepanović, Mihajl Mika Čanko, Aleksandar Đokić, Milan Palisaški, Aleksandar Saša Radojević, Mario Jobst, Slobodan Dragović, Dimitrije Mita Mladenović, Zoran Petrović, Vladimir Macura, Dejan Ećimović, Mustafa Musić, Branislav Brana Mitrović, Vasilije Milunović, Slobodan Maldini, Kresimir Rogina, James Ackerman, Robert Venturi, Tadao Ando, Aldo Rossi, Frank Gehry, Mario Botta.

The exhibition has been organized with the support of the City of Belgrade — Secretariat for Culture.