12 – 27 MAY, 2022

Organizers: the Centre for the Promotion of Science and Mathematical Institute of SASA

The Centre for the Promotion of Science, in cooperation with the Mathematical Institute of SASA, organizes the greatest popular science campaign – May, Month of Mathematics (М3) for the eleventh time in a row. The focal point of this year’s campaign is the exhibition ‘Belgrade <->Vienna: (Modernization of Mathematics Teaching in the 19th Century) at the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology. The exhibition is dedicated to the mathematicians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who shaped the modern history of mathematics in Serbia and laid foundations for the development of this science in the educational system of our country. The exhibition set-up represents the work and life of pundits of our mathematics, state scholarship holders who were professionally trained in Vienna, afterwards bringing their knowledge and experience back to Serbia. The audience will get the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the scientific achievements of the authors of the first mathematics textbooks, who shaped the first mathematical statements in our language and established mathematics as a subject at Belgrade Higher School, and later at the University of Belgrade.

Step into the mathematical time machine and have a cup of tea with great mathematicians of the time when both modern Serbia was being fashioned and the modern history of mathematics.