Ceremonial session on Dušan’s Code manuscripts publication

A ceremonial session, organized by the SASA Board of Serbian Law Sources, will be held at the SASA Grand Hall, on Friday, 26 April, on the occasion of the completion of Dušan’s Code manuscript publication, one of the most significant monuments of Serbian history, culture and identity.

A several-decade-long undertaking of publication of manuscripts of Dušan’s Code, which started back in 1938, has finally drawn to a close. In the period between 1975-2023, 27 known manuscripts of Dušan’s Code were published in six volumes, i.e. seven books. Thus, after 85 years, the endeavour of publication of the manuscripts of Dušan’s Code has been finished, which testifies to the fact that for large projects and capital editions, decades of painstaking work of several generations of jurors, historians and linguists is indispensable.

Academician Zoran Knežević, SASA president, will welcome the audience. At the same time, Academician Kosta Čavoški will deliver an introductory address with Academician Mirjana Živojinović, Professor Đorđe Bubalo and Professor Viktor Savić giving speeches.

A live stream of the event is available at LIVE STREAMING