Cooperation between SASA and BAS for the period 2020-2022

According to the provisions of the Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, by the end of the year a new list of joint research projects for the period 2020-2022 will be coordinated. We invite the SASA departments and institutes as well as other research and educational institutions interested in participating in this cooperation to submit their proposals.

The forms for application of projects can be downloaded at

It is necessary for proposals to be agreed upon between the Serbian and Bulgarian project leaders and teams directly involved in them. This also applies to the visits of researchers (time and length of visit). The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts covers the boarding expenses of Bulgarian researchers in projects run by their departments and/or whose leaders are its members, as well as travel expenses of its members when they travel to Bulgaria based on these projects. The costs of sending and receiving researchers on projects run by other institutions will be covered by the institutions which are joint research project coordinators.  Detailed information on the conditions and procedure for sending and receiving researchers can be received at the SASA Foreign Relations Department.

The departments of the Academy should submit completed forms and the approval of a department for the work on a project. Other institutions should submit completed forms and the project leader’s request for participation in the SASA-BAS bilateral cooperation, along with the acceptance of financial obligations related to the exchange visits of researchers.

The proposals should be submitted to the SASA Foreign Relation Department (phone number: 011/2027-342, e-mail: ), no later than 10 December 2019.