Dreams of the Past and Tradition: Olga Benson

23 Decembe,r 2019 – 25 January, 2020

Organizers: the Institute of Ethnography of SASA and the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology

On the occasion of 130 years since the birth of painter Olga Benson, the exhibition of her works, virtually unknown to the public, will be organized. While working at the Institute of Ethnography of SASA, as a folklore painter since its establishment in 1947 until 1950, when she immigrated to the United States, Olga Benson created 500 drawings and watercolours which vividly illustrate our national tradition. There are drawings and watercolours of houses, household furniture and items and national folk costumes.

These works have been kept in the Ethnographic-folklore collection of Olga Benson at the Institute of Ethnography of SASA and they have been published only sporadically in publications of the Institute.

The curator of the exhibition is museum advisor Ljiljana Gavrilović, PhD, with project associates: Bojana Bogdanović, PhD, Milan Tomašević, MA, Biljana Milenković Vuković and The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.