JULY 15 – SEPT. 5, 2017

The core of the exhibition comprises 29 works by Degas from the National Museum in Belgrade, primarily drawings and monotypes. The pride of place is taken by the collection of Erih Šlomović, a young Belgrader that met his tragic end in World War II. The collection provides the majority of Degas’ works on display.

Given that lines and linear expression were crucially important to Edgar Degas, the exhibits draw the viewer directly to the center of the artist’s expressiveness.

Along with Degas’ works on paper, visitors will be able to learn about his research in the field of photography and get an insight not only into a unique artistic sensibility, but also into the urban culture of Paris in the second half of the 19th century.

A hundred years after Degas’ death, the importance of his oeuvre is reaffirmed not only in relation to his time, but also retrospectively, from the perspective of our modern experience and knowledge, for which reason we are always motivated to study and interpret the artist’s work again and again.

Organizers of the exhibition: National Museum in Belgrade and Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Authors of the exhibition: Dragana Kovačić, PhD, and the co-authors of the monographic catalogue, Milanka Todić, PhD, and Jelena Dergenc