Environmental Impacts of Small Hydropower Plants

In the organization of the SASA Board ‘Man and the Environment’, a symposium entitled ’Environmental Impacts of Small Hydropower Plants’ was held on Thursday, 6 June, at the SASA Grand Hall. At the opening, Academician Vladimir S. Kostić, SASA President, addressed the audience, as well as Goran Trivan, PhD and the Minister of environmental protection in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and Academician Marko Anđelković, President of the SASA Board ’Man and the Environment’. On this occasion, the impact of small hydropower plants (SHPP) on the water regime and sustainable development of the Republic of Serbia were discussed, including their energy, ecological and developmental evaluation, and technical solutions that would enable energy and ecological objectives of SHHP. In addition to this, there were lectures on small derivative hydropower plants as producers of insignificant energy levels and immoderate ecological damage, their impact on fish, other aquatic organisms of mountain river ecosystems and local population of amphibians and reptiles, as well as on SHHP construction design set against conflict interests and synergy solutions.