1 – 24 MARCH 2021

Author: Stanko Kostić
Organized by: SASA Gallery of Science and Technology

The exhibition ‘Kilim Rugs – the Path of a Thread’, authored by an art photographer Stanko Kostić, presents the entire technical aspect of kilim rug making.

Visitors will be able to see what sheep farming, wool processing, and weaving look like and as a finished product, a kilim rug. The exhibition will also feature various exhibits such as tools necessary to make a kilim rug, as well as kilim rugs themselves.

The author Stanko Kositć has been a long-term associate of the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology where he held four exhibitions: ‘House is a Major Essence of Us’ dedicated to architect Božidar Petrović in 2007,  exhibition on the architecture of Chilandar monastery in 2012, on the caves of eastern Serbia in 2017 and the exhibition ‘The Story of Watermills – from the Wheel to the Turbine’ in 2019.