Opening of the exhibition ‘Petnica – a Step into Science’

An exhibition titled ‘Petnica – a Step into Science: research papers of participants of educational programmes’ will open on Wednesday, 19 February, at 12 o’clock. Academician Zoran Petrović, director of the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology, and Vigor Majić, director of Petnica Science Centre will speak at the opening.

Over 80 research papers of young participants of Petnica Science Centre’s educational programmes in 2019 will be presented in the exhibition. The topic which secondary school students studied are related to anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, biomedicine, geography, geology, social sciences and humanities, electronics, history, linguistics, mathematics, psychology, computer science, physics and chemistry.

As widely recognized, for more than three decades, Petnica Science Centre has been known for its distinctive approach to scientific education of the young, particularly secondary school students. Over the course of one-year cycle – which encompasses seminars and scientific camps – participants themselves initiate and develop research topics, carry out tests, calculations and analyses, as well as reach relevant conclusions followed by scientific papers where the results get to be demonstrated.

The last phase includes a conference where young authors present these papers.