APRIL 26 – MAY 28, 2017

The Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the National Museum in Čačak, with the support of the Municipality of Lučani, present at the SASA Gallery the exhibition, Gradina on Mount Jelica. A Fortified Early Byzantine Center in Illyricum, a multilayered 6th century archeological site, authored by Prof. Mihailo Milinković, PhD (Department of Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade).

The exhibition was first staged in the National Museum, Čačak in 2014 to mark the thirtieth anniversary of archaeological investigations at the site of Gradina on Mount Jelica, near Čačak, headed by the author of the exhibition. Three years later, the exhibition is on display at the SASA Gallery in Belgrade, with an impressive number of 507 exhibits of finds, nearly twice as many as at the first exhibition.

The exhibits, the majority of them from the holdings of the National Museum in Čačak and the rest from the SASA Archives, are grouped chronologically, thematically and according to their use, and range from those related to the history of investigations to the finds from prehistoric, Roman, Early Byzantine and Early Medieval periods. The exhibition attempts to present all the available material traces of people’s lives in the said periods, even though finds from the Early Byzantine period (6th or 7th c.) predominate. In addition to everyday objects (furniture, tools, personal implements, jewelry, coins), there are also items of stone architectural sculpture representing what has remained of basilicas or profane buildings, along with valuable examples of 6th century church painting, and reconstructed amphorae and other ceramic vessels.

Organizers of the exhibition: Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and National Museum in Čačak

Author of the exhibition: Prof. Mihailo Milinković, PhD

The exhibition is accompanied by a 256-page monographic catalogue with 551 illustrations, part of the SASA Gallery series (No. 140), edited by Prof. Mihailo Milinković, PhD.